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This is the home page for a password-protect family history site in formation.

This site will make completed materials and progress reports on various family lines available to members of the family. Once you obtain a password, click onto the Introduction or to any of the family lines on the side of each page for further information.
The names listed are those of the family members as used in Chicago after immigrating from their homes in Norway, Sweden or Germany.
The family lines under research are Anda (originally from the area of Stavanger, Norway), Andersen (from Fredrikshald (now Halden) Norway), Borreson (Norway, but we are not sure where), Clementson (Norway), Heeder (Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany), Johnson (originally Johannesson in Nössemark, Sweden and Tistedal, Norway), Kloster (Renessøy, Norway) Lawson (originally Larson or Ståleson, from Bjerkreim, Norway), Lunde (Hamar and Christiana, Norway), Reitmeier (near Augsburg, Germany), Seller (believed to be from the old duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Germany), and Traffley (originally Trefflich, from Germany).

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Please use this button to contact the author about any of these family lines.  Note, however, that all are families that moved to Chicago.  Please, no communications about the "Johnson" family, which is the most common U.S. surname, unless you are interested specifically in the family of John Louis Johnson, who was born on July 1, 1863, in Nössemark, Sweden, as Johannes Ludvig Johannesson, moved with his family in 1873 to Tistedal outside Halden, and then emigrated to Chicago in 1887.  He married Josefine Henriette Andersen from Fredrikshald, now Halden, Norway.  Their children were:  Carla Johnson Olson (who lived in Wyoming), Arthur Johnson (LaGrange, Illinois), Thomas G. Johnson, Sr. (Park Ridge, Illinois) and Ethel Johnson Plambeck (Chicago).  All other family lines are fair game!
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