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Ingeborg Serene Kloster came to Chicago with many other family members in 1884.  Her husband was Ole Anda .  They were married August 4, 1857, in Stord, Hordaland.  Their son was Olaf Anda, who married Minnie Lawson .

Ingeborg Kloster Anda
Ingeborg Kloster Anda

Ingeborg Serene (Kloster) was born on April 24, 1832 at Utstein Kloster, Renessøy, Norway.  Her parents were Ole Endresen (Kloster) and Marthe Asbjørnsdatter (Waaga).  She died on April 22, 1914.
Renessøy Island is near the harbor of Stavanger, Norway.  The family were tenants on the estate of the old monastery, Utstein Kloster, and took the name "Kloster" as their own.
This is the family tree prepared by a Trygve Norman of Norway for the ancestors of Ingeborg Kloster:  Kloster tree
The author has a book in progress on the Kloster family line.  An extremely helpful resource is correspondence with Trygve K. Norman, a distant relation who lives in Norway and was kind enough to furnish information about the family, including charts dating back several hundred years:   Kloster Correspondence.
Ingeborg's brother, Asbjørn Kloster, founded the temperance movement in Norway and was a prominent figure.  There is a statue of him in Stavanger. He was a leading Quaker in Norway, having been educated by English sailors.  He took a lively interest in all matters involving Norwegian Quakers, including those who emigrated for America.
A unique resource is the correspondence between the Anda family and Ingeborg's brother, Asbjørn.  The dates range from 1859 to 1864; in other words, before the family moved to America.  The text is in Norwegian and comes in two parts.  Kloster-Anda Letters Part 1
These letters were assembled from the Asbjørn Kloster archives at the University of Stavanger by Hans-Eirik Aarek, who is the leading scholar of the Quakers in Norway.  The family in the US owes him a great debt of gratitude.
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