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Flag of Norway, home of the Anda family

Ole Anda came to Chicago with many other family members in 1884.  His wife was  Ingeborg Serene Kloster.    They were married August 4, 1857, in Stord, Hordaland.  Their son was Olaf Anda, who married Minnie Lawson .

Ole Anda
Ole Anda

Ole was born October 4, 1825, as Ole Olsen (Anda) on the Anda farm in the parish of Klepp, near Stavanger.  His parents were Ole Toresen (Nj) and Anna Malena Torresdatter (Kalberg).  He left Klepp in 1843 for a series of other places in Norway, and was living in Einstapvoll, Valestrand, when he departed for Chicago, following his own son, John, who family tradition says was the first of the Andas to come to Chicago.  Ole died April 22, 1914, and is buried in the Anda family plot at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago.
There is a completed book on Ole Anda and his ancestors in the parishes of Klepp and Time, near Stavanger.  Ole Anda Book
An edition of the book with copies of all the Norwegian sources is available from the author.  Send an e-mail to the author.
This is the Anda family tree currently available:   Anda chart
We also have copies of the correspondence between various members of the Anda family and the brother of Ole's wife, Ingeborg.  See the Kloster page.
These are seals from direct ancestors in the Anda family:  Anda seals  They were known as bumerke, and gave each family a distinctive design to use in seals on official documents.  Here is a useful explanation from the web:  Norwegian Bumerke 
This is a link to a short history of the Lutheran church of which Ole was a devoted member, first in Humboldt Park, then in Norwood Park (where it remains today):  Zion Lutheran Church
Many mambers of the Anda and Kloster family, ioncluding Ole and Ingeborg, are buried in Chicago's Rosehill Cemetery.
Seal from Anda ancestor.
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