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Lessons Learned About Nonprofit Management and Finance

Unexpected thoughts from the inside and the outside.  An e-book for nonprofit board and staff members alike.

Lessons Learned Nonprofit Management and Finance

"A gold mine of practical advice.  It is going to quickly displace those ten or so books waiting in line."  John Pepper, Chairman, Disney Company, former CEO of Procter & Gamble Company, and Co-Chair, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Available on iBooks for your iPAD, Amazon.com for your Kindle, and Google e Books for many platforms.  The lessons continue:  Follow Nonprofitlesson on Twitter.

The book includes over 100 wide-ranging lessons, all aids to concentrating the mind of a nonprofit.  Each lesson includes an explanation, followed by lively comments from the contributors.  Learn More about the Book 

Gary Johnson spent 27 years as a lawyer.  After a career change, he now is President of the Chicago History Museum.  Russell Lewis is Executive Vice President and Chief Historian of the Chicago History Museum.  They offer their own outside and inside perspectives. Meet the Authors

Contributors include a Fortune 50 CEO, the President of the Shedd Aquarium, and other nonprofit board and staff leaders. Meet the Contributors