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Lessons Learned About Nonprofit Management and Finance

Russell Lewis, Studs Terkel, Gary Johnson
The authors, Russell Lewis and Gary Johnson, standing alongside their beloved staff colleague at the Chicago History Museum, the late Studs Terkel.

This book is the work of a Mr. Outside and a Mr. Inside.

For 27 years, Gary Johnson practiced business law.  Over that same timespan, Russell Lewis worked at the Chicago History Museum, and twice served as its Acting President.  Russell and Gary first met each other in 2005 when Gary entered the nonprofit world as President of the Chicago History Museum and Russell was promoted to the post of Executive Vice President and Chief Historian.    In recognition of his skills, the Board of Trustees took the highly unusual step of inviting Russell to join Gary as a Trustee of the Museum.

Gary’s insights come not only from working with business clients, but also from his service as board member and chair of a number of nonprofits.  Russell understands the nonprofit culture from the inside out. The book would be incomplete without other perspectives from the panel of contributors.