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Town rich with historical monuments, from the Roman period forward.

The Aljaferia, Zaragossa. Photo by author.

Zaragossa is generally thought of as an industrial city, which it is, but it has a range of monuments and sites from every period of Spanish history, from the Roman period forward.
The complex of buildings in the main plaza is striking, including the Basilica of Our Lady of El Pilar and the Cathedral of La Seo.  Because of its association with Our Lady of El Pilar, Zaragossa, along with Santiago de Compostela, is one of the two leading religious centers of Spain.
Under the plaza is an archaelogical museum of Roman ruins, not to be missed.  A Roman amphitheater now being excavated also is visible from the sidewalk a few blocks from the center of town, but it is not yet open for visits.
The Aljaferia was built as a pleasure palace by the Moorish kings beginning in 864.  Later, it was converted to a royal palace by the Spanish monarchs.  It retains beautiful filigree, arches and ceilings, in a style the tourist does not expect to find so far north in Spain.
Choose a hotel as close to Plaza del Pilar as possible.  I stayed at Tibur, Plaza de la Seo 2 & 3.  Modest, pleasant and very well located for the tourist.

Foro de Caesaraugusta, Zaragossa. Museum of Roman ruins under the city's main plaza.

Last updated November 2, 2002.