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A place that has everything.

PV is that rare destination that combines the culture of a lively and artistic city with the recreation of beach resorts.

On our visits, we have rented private homes south of the city, an approach I highly recommend for a family or a small group. Plentiful taxis make reaching the city convenient, while home-cooked meals and the comforts of home make staying in a villa very inviting. (plan on tipping 10 per cent of the fees you pay for rental and food.)

Casa Do Re Mi is a villa with a magnificent hillside view in Conchas Chinas. We had great luck one year whale watching from there. A fine public beach is a walk down the hill. The restaurant El Set and a hotel complex are a few steps farther.

Our top recommendation is a terrific modern villa in the Sierra del Mar at los Arcos gated community, located between the Hotel intercontinental Presidente and Mismaloya.  The villa is Villa Pena del Mar.  A beautiful home with wonderful gardens and a warm and attentive staff. A new favorite is Casa las Amapas, by the water in Conchas Chinas
Our favorite restaurant is El Arrayan, a small restaurant with innovative Mexican dishes.
Gallery walks are Wednesday evenings.  In the downtown, we enjoyed visiting Galerie des Artistes (248 Leona Vicario) and Galeria Corsica.  The art collective, Peyote People, is at 222 Juarez.
In the downtown, try Maya for jewelry (360 Juarez, near the church).  Galeria Indigena has a variety of art and handicrafts (628 Juarez).  Gaby's restaurant is a relaxing retreat while in the neighborhood (252 Mina).
In the Zona Romantica, look into shops such as Galeria Serendipity (228-A Ignacio L. Vallarte), Galeria Alpacora (232 Ignacio L. Vallarta), Contempo Galeria (252 Basilio Badillo), Arte Huichol (246-L Olas Altas), Lucy's Culu Cabana (295 Basilio Badillo (at Constitucion), Puerco Azul (325 Constitucion), The Zapotec Art (174-A Ignacio L. Vallarta), La Colecciˇn, (Calle Francisco I. Madero 272), Talavera etc.  (266 Ignacio L. Vallarta), Serafina (260 Basilio Badillo), and Ponciana (252-! Basilio Badillo).  Margarita Grill is a good place to have a bite and cool off (321 Pino Suarez (at Basilio Badillo)).

Last updated December 2014.