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This was our itinerary for our trip in 2000:

Stavanger Hotel: Skagen Brygge hotel. Arrive Day 1 and depart Day 4 ; Nok. 1150 Telephone: 011-47-51-85-00-00; fax: 011-47-51-85-00-01.

Day 2:  Excursion to Utstein Kloster (in harbor), plus family sites of Rennesoy, Bjerkreim and Time.

Day 4:  Day-long boat ride through Lysefjord and return by bus.

Bergen Hotel: Arrive Day 4 and depart Day 5. Grand Hotel Terminus. Phone: 011-47-55-31-16-55; fax: 011-47-55-31-85-76.  Nok 1660 per room, including breakfast.

Day 5:  Bergen to Oslo via "Norway in a Nutshell": Depart Bergen train station at 8:30 am, arriving at Oslo train station on train from Myrdal at 9:49 pm. Heading from Bergen to Oslo, Norway in a Nutshell includes: Train from Bergen to Voss, bus from Voss to Gudvangen, cruise on the Sognefjord from Gudvangen to Flm, train from Flm to Myrdal on the Flm cog railway, and rail from Myrdal to Oslo.

Oslo Hotel: Two double rooms at Bondeheimen Hotel, arriving Day 5 and departing Day 9. Rate: 1075 NK, including breakfast and taxes. Telephone: 011-47-22-42-95-30 (or -47-23-21-41-00); fax: 011-47-22-41-94-37.

Access this web address for a 24-hour camera shot of Stavanger Harbour:

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