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More to come

I have not been to the Costa del Sola since 1974 (the end of the Franco era), when I visited the two of Fuengirola.  I have fond memories of having my life pass before me as two civil guards confronted three long-haired Americans, saying us that they could arrest us since we did not have our passports on us.  Mind you, they were swimming when they pulled us over.
I have not been back, but I hope to put helpful information on this page for those who want to visit the seashore in Spain!
Expect that most of the popular areas of the Costa del Sol and the Costa Brava will be very built up, with locals hard to find among the many visitors from northern Europe.  The same goes for the Balearic Islands.  I would not want to go to Majorca, for example, because it is overrun by drunken Brits on holiday.  The Canary Islands are far away, and said to be lovely, but, again, are the province of visiting northern Europeans.
As I say, I hope to have some guidance here at a later date.