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Personal recommendations from Gary T. Johnson

Recommendations for visitors to Chicago are on a separate website:  Chicago History 

The travel recommendations contained in this website are very personal.  Think carefully whether they are appropriate for your own travel plans.  Please do not forward them to other people without my permission, because they will not be the right choice for many.
My biases?  In a hotel, I favor charm over luxury and location over the number of stars.  These rarely are the "best" hotels in town for people on a business trip.  On a vacation, it is more important for me to know that there is a good cafe near-by than to have a fully-equipped business center.
The same for restaurants.  They will not always be the most expensive or the most famous, but they will be excellent examples of the local cuisine.
As to how to spend your time, I lean toward cultural and historic places.  There won't be much here on nightlife.
As I said, the choices are very personal.

New content is added all the time.  Please be aware that some of the hotel and restaurant recommendations may be somewhat out-of-date.
Some of the best advice comes from other people, as you will see.  One of the reasons for doing this site is to collect information for my own travel to-do lists, which keeps growing.
Parents -- Read this first! 

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Last updated 2013.