Santiago de Compostela

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Cathedral wall, Santiago de Compostela

More information on the pilgrimage

I have chosen recommended sites without regard to language.  Hunt through the sites, and you may find translated versions. has a very complete site on the Camino, with notices, information, events and much else.  It includes an English language page:  Mundicamino


There is a fine Canadian site, one which I recommend to any prospective pilgrim:  Little Company of Pilgrims Canada


Centro Virtual Cervantes posted by Spain's Instituto Cervantes, offers a superb tour of the camino, including photographs and notes on every stop along the major Spanish pilgrimage routes, as well as historical and cultural sites near the Camino. I urge those interested in the camino to visit the Centro Virtual Cervantes Site at: 


Also view the other wonderful cultural material posted by Centro Virtual Cervantes:


The Metropolitan Church of Santiago de Compostela maintains a site that includes a pilgrim's page in various languages and information on all the churches and programs of the archdiocese, among them the Santiago Cathedral: 


Web camera in the central nave of the Santiago Cathedral:


Friends of the Road to Santiago Association of the United States of America:  Friends USA 


Confraternity of St. James (United Kingdom):  British Confraternity  Its Icon of Saint James: Santiago Peregrino


Confraternity of St. James (Norway):  Norway Confraternity


El Camino de Santiago (UCLA). Invaluable site created and maintained by John Dagenais, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Los Angeles:  El Camino de Santiago:  UCLA


Helpful booklist:  "Camino de Santiago"


Traditions of Christian Pilgrimage:  Pilgrim's Progress