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How to Use "A Closer Walk"
A Closer Walk
Forty Days
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How to Use This Book


A Year of Devotions -- The book is written with a whole year in mind, a year that will include the actual journey to the city of Santiago de Compostela, but also time for daily reflections both before and after the journey.  There is a Bible passage for each day of the year beginning July 25, the feast day of Saint James the Greater (Santiago), and ending that day a year later.  The actual journey can come at any time during your year of spiritual devotions and need not take a certain number of days.  No doubt, the readings will have special meaning during the actual journey, but the book reflects the belief that the preparation and the aftermath are essential parts of the faith journey.


If possible, start the book on July 25.  If not, then simply begin whenever it makes sense for you and turn to the page for each day.  When you reach July 25, continue reading and catch up on the pages you missed until you have read for a year.


On the day before your actual journey begins, turn to the Special Selections for the Actual Pilgrimage Journey.  After your first day on the road, return to the regular daily selections.  Turn again to the Special Selections on the eve of your arrival in Santiago de Compostela.  After your departure from that city, return to regular selections for each day.


Printing -- Please print out each chapter in PDF format for your personal use and reflection:  Table of Contents.


See Printing Tips for further information on printing.


This format will allow the pilgrim to take along only the pages that are needed for the journey, and, if necessary, to print replacement pages.  If you like, use the white spaces for notes or journal entries, or take along some blank pages for that purpose. 


Links -- Owners of websites dedicated to Santiago de Compostela and to pilgrimages are invited to create a link to the author's website.  No permission is necessary.


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              Excerpt from The Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela:  A Closer Walk

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