Santiago de Compostela

Introduction to "A Closer Walk"
A Closer Walk
Forty Days
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I first visited Santiago de Compostela as a tourist in December 2000.  I was gripped by the spiritual atmosphere of this town in the northwest corner of Spain, and resolved to return as a pilgrim.  This book is a devotional preparation for the later journeys made in the company of friends, both from the United States and from Spain.  May it be of use to anyone planning to follow the road to Santiago -- "the camino," whether as a pilgrim or as someone open to learning more about the faith that has inspired and guided pilgrims.


A pilgrimage has three parts:  the preparation, the journey and the impact on the life of the pilgrim.  The journey itself is the most intense part of the three, but not the only part.  All are connected.  The journey itself will be more meaningful following the right preparation.  The impact will be greatest if reaching the pilgrimage site is a climax, but not a conclusion to a faith journey.  This Internet-based book is based on that concept -- a year of devotions in connection with the actual pilgrimage.


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