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A note on Churchill from a friend ...

Churchill, Canada, on Hudson Bay, has become quite the hot spot. They call themselves the Polar Bear Capital of the World.  That is where the polar bears more or less assemble in late fall waiting for Hudson Bay to freeze so they can go out and get a good meal of seal.  The hotels are not as "basic" as I expected but still not at all luxurious.  The meals are edible - after all, everything has to be brought in from the outside - and I would recommend bringing some sort of a stash.  But for someone into polar bears, it is totally unforgettable and the visitor who is there around Halloween is guaranteed to see many.  You've undoubtedly seen TV pictures of the tundra buggies, which are an experience in themselves.  The next time I go I want to stay in one of the facilities on the tundra itself.  As you say, many of your recommendations are quite personal, and this one definitely reflects my values and interests.  A week is plenty of time, and I would recommend an extra day in Winnipeg which is a charming little city.

November 17, 2002