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You might need one after all!

Tourists generally don't need visas to visit other developed countries, but there still are some places where visas must be obtained in advance.  My firm uses a visas service, "G3," for information about visa requirements and to obtain visas for us.  There is a charge, but the alternative is waiting in very long lines during the short hours each day that consulates are open for visa applications.
G3 has an excellent website with visa information on a country-by-country basis.  I strongly encourage you to print out the forms you might need from the country in question, even if you are not using the services of G3 to obtain a visa.  If the country's forms are not listed, then you still may be able to save yourself a lot of time by searching for the website of the embassy in Washington, D.C. of the country that you are interested in.
The G-3 website is free to the public, but it also includes options for engaging it to obtain a visa for you:

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